American Crew Power Cleanser Style Remover Shampoo 8.4 Oz



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Put yesterday's styling products in the rear-view mirror when you use American Crew Power Cleanser Style Remover Shampoo, which helps you avoid unattractive product buildup and keeps your hair looking clean and fresh instead. In fact, this is one of mens best hair products: a daily shampoo that ensures a deep, thorough cleaning that leaves your locks looking fresh and healthy. A typical daily shampoo can often be too gentle to cut through the various styling products you may use, from gels and hair sprays to powders and creams; at the same time, a more effective shampoo might be too harsh and leave your hair damaged and lifeless. American Crew Power Cleanser Style Remover Shampoo removes yesterday's buildup without damage, and it just may leave your hair healthier and shinier than ever. Just a small amount massaged into your hair when you shampoo gets you ready for a new day. As a bonus, this shampoo's ingredients, such as rosemary and thyme extract, leaves your hair smelling great.