Belli Clearly Coconut Oil 1.9 Oz - 2 Pack


If you’re looking for an all-around multi-functional oil to aid skin health, then look no further than Belli Clearly Coconut Oil – 2 Pack. Utilizing only one miracle ingredient, this product is safe and healthy, and excellent in a wide variety of uses. Whether you’re using this oil as a body moisturizer or a face moisturizer, this fantastic product provides intense moisture and quick absorption, making it highly effective and fast-acting. In addition, you can use this oil as a hair anti-frizz moisturizer, for hypo-allergenic moisture, for diaper rash, as a makeup remover, or to help with sunburn. This product is comprised solely of 100% coconut oil. Being paraben-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free and allergy tested, this oil is perfect for any age – be it elders, moms, teens, tweens, infants and more. With no scent, color, preservatives or irritants, application of this product is safe for all. When looking for a multi-purpose oil which is healthy and safe no matter the age or gender, there is no product better than this magnificent coconut oil produced by Belli.