Biolage-Hydrasource Leave In Creme 8.50 Oz


If you have ever wondered which is the best conditioner for dry frizzy hair, you might want to try Matrix Biolage-Hydrasource Leave in Creme. This leave in conditioner offers maximum hydration and makes your locks silky smooth, giving you confidence for a long day at work or a romantic rendezvous. The secret that makes this Matrix product work is its imitation of one of the most hydrated plants in nature—the aloe plant. Biolage Hydrasource conditioning treatment does its best impression of aloe vera by enabling your hair to store up moisture for lasting sheen. This professional hair care product works for more than just dry hair. Whether your hair is super curly or completely straight, you can capitalize on the healing and strengthening properties of this cream. Benefits other than hydration include repairing split ends and making your follicles less brittle. You can use this product daily to create naturally soft tresses. Also, it is safe to use on dyed hair.