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Combat Ready Baby Wash by Skincando - 8Oz


If your child has a skin problem such as eczema, you may look for a natural, organic skin care product that will not irritate the condition. Combat Ready Baby Wash by Skincando is made of all-natural ingredients and cleanses both skin and hair thoroughly without causing irritation. This nontoxic bath wash is made with organic natural oils and plant extracts and cleanses skin gently yet thoroughly. Each batch is carefully handcrafted to ensure that it is comprised of only the best organic ingredients to guarantee a gentle cleansing for sensitive skin. The formula also works well to soothe scalp irritation when used to wash hair. Great for all skin types, this formula is unscented to avoid a fragrance from potentially irritating soft skin. Daily use leaves your child’s skin soft, smooth, and healthy while helping to soothe any irritation. This product works well for anyone who has sensitive skin, eczema, or other skin problems to give their hair and body a superior cleansing with completely safe, nontoxic ingredients.