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Davines DEDE Delicate Daily Conditioner 33.8 Oz



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Dry brittle hair doesn’t always benefit from curly hair conditioner, but that was all that was available for years. Now Davines DEDE Delicate Daily Conditioner is here to protect your damaged curls, no matter the weather or humidity. Static and frizz can build from changes in weather, over washing, and abuse of styling tools. DEDE is a delicate every-day-use conditioner that replenishes hair follicles and hydrated tresses of all types, with no fear of build-up or heaviness. Silicone, sulfate, and paraben free, it is a natural conditioner that leaves hair not only looking good but feeling good too. Made with a natural celery extract that provides vitamins and minerals to each strand, this product truly moisturizes dry, brittle, or curly hair as it penetrates and repairs your unruly mop and coaxes it into manageability. Do your stressed ringlets a favor and use a conditioner that really works without building up on your scalp. Try Davines DEDE Delicate Daily Conditioner and remove the stress that harsh weather and humidity can have on your hair.