Davines Love Shampoo 33.8 Oz



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Curly hair needs extra special hair, and it’s important to choose the best hair products for your specific texture. The wrong products can weigh your hair down or make it overly frizzy instead of smooth and defined. A luxurious shampoo for frizzy hair, this Davines Love Curl Enhancing Shampoo 33.8 fl oz was specifically formulated with exactly what your hair needs to look its best. The thick, foamy texture makes it easy to saturate each and every hair follicle, while the blend of anti-oxidants, myrtle extract, olive oil and vitamin C moisturize hair while adding brilliant shine. It also includes Noto almond extract, which is known for its powerful proteins and nourishing healthy fats to strengthen hair while preventing frizz and breakage. For the best possible outcome, dampen hair and massage a small amount into scalp, working shampoo into a lather. Be sure to cover every strand completely before rinsing clean. Repeat if necessary, then follow with a moisturizing conditioner designed specifically for curly hair.