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Davines LOVE Hair Smoother 5.07 fl oz


There is a crucial step in the hair-styling process immediately after you get out of the shower and before you begin to apply gels and hair sprays. This step is applying healthy hair products to towel-dried hair that will ensure your hair's healthy look until the next wash. Davines LOVE Hair Smoother 5.07 fl oz redefines after-shower smoothing products by providing nourishment to textured, choppy, and coarse hair types. No matter your hair type, this smoother will reduce flyaway hairs and ensure your hair will not become tangled and knotted. This is one of the best products for wavy hair because it complements your waves by hydrating all your strands of hair so that they lay more smoothly in controlled waves instead of being frizzy and unruly. This smoother makes your hair noticeably softer to the touch and shinier, giving you a healthier looking head of hair that will look great with or without styling products. Your hair is sure to impress others by being so smooth and controlled after using the LOVE Hair Smoother.