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Davines MELU Anti-breakage Shampoo 33.8 fl oz


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The pursuit of great hair often comes at the cost of dry, brittle and damaged hair. Whether your great hair is the result of blow drying, straightening, coloring, highlighting, backcombing, or curling, Davines MELU Anti-breakage shampoo has a special formulation that will put the shine back in your damaged hair. Safe to use every day, this shampoo for frizzy dry hair produces a creamy, rich foam and has a pleasing floral and woody fragrance. Produced by Davines, the company known for creating some of the best hair products for damaged hair, MELU shampoo is made from lentils, a food rich in the amino acids found in Keratin. Use of this product will strengthen your hair without flattening it or weighing it down. Your hair will become healthier, and healthier hair means shinier, stronger, silkier hair. There’s no longer any need to be afraid to wield whatever is in your arsenal for producing great hair. This shampoo will restore your hair to its lustrous glory.