Davines MOMO Hair Potion Moisturizing Cream 5.07 Oz



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If you’re longing for accessible and professional hair care at home, try Davines MOMO Hair Potion Moisturizing Cream. This lightweight cream is easy to handle and apply for everyday use, and is made with the most hydrating components to nourish your hair. All natural products for hair also combat frizz and ageing for a healthy glow. Revitalize dry and damaged hair for a smooth, voluminous and shiny look that easily boosts your daily confidence. This rich formula is created for all kinds of hair types and lengths, and is designed as a leave-in cream for deeply hydrating results. Experience silky moisturized hair that isn’t weighed down or greasy to the touch. Made with Italian yellow melon, this luxurious cream features a light and refreshing scent without overpowering your other beauty products. Get amazing and quick results for renewed hair with Davines.