Davines NT Energizing Shampoo 3.38 Oz



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Do you have fragile, thinning, breakage-prone hair? Davines NaturalTech Energizing Shampoo is the best shampoo for thinning hair, utilizing cutting-edge caffeine phytoceuticals to stimulate circulation and improve hair elasticity to help prevent loss and trigger more growth. A creamy product with a thick foam, the surfactants are very gentle and naturally nourishing. It can be used intensively every other day for a month, or as maintenance twice a week for two months, leaving hair feeling soft and soothed. Massage a tablespoon (20 grams) of shampoo into the roots of the hair, let soak for a couple minutes, and rinse well. Davines originally began as a research laboratory creating high-end hair care products in Parma, Italy, founded by the Bollati Family in 1983. Today it is a brand on its own, with a goal to inspire beauty professionals worldwide and aid in improving their work life quality. Bringing together the history of their Italian heritage of the cultures of the world, Davines creates original, authentic products.