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Davines This Is A Medium Hold Finishing Gum 3.59 Oz



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Professional hair care requires quality products that emphasize the style and look of your own hair without overpowering it. Davines This Is A Medium Hold Finishing Gum 3.59 oz fits this requirement by using superior ingredients and letting your hair take the stage. This finishing gum gives your hair a textured look while holding it in place to give you that personalized, interesting style. It is lightweight and does not make your hair greasy or sticky, so you can adjust your look throughout the day without spreading that gummy-gel feeling to your hands. You will have hair that looks naturally textured without any added extra shine with this gum’s matte finish. The best natural hair care products make your hair feel natural and like you are not wearing anything at all in your hair, and that is what This Is A Medium Hold Finishing Gum provides. A piecey, textured look requires a styling product that will highlight your hair’s cut and style without adding unnecessary residue or shine.