Dermablend Leg and Body Make-Up SPF 25 Fair Ivory 10N 3.4 Oz


Dermablend Leg and Body Make-Up is the best skin moisturizing cover up. This cover up is specially designed with intense pigments to cover even the most intense blemishes and dark spots. This leg and body cover up can also be used as a tattoo cover up so that any blemish or tattoo can be prevented from being seen. Dermablend is a skin care line dedicated to creating beautiful makeup that inspires others. This makeup line provides countless shades of foundation and beauty products that match any skin tone. Dermabend goes beyond basic coverage by providing intensely pigmented body foundation that can cover tattoos and acne proving you can't judge a book by its cover. Dermablends three step 'Camo-Regimen' cover, set, and remove, works to camouflage unwanted blemishes and hyperpigmentation.