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Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye Treat 4 Oz - 2 Pack


No one wants lice to invade their personal space, but sometimes things just happen. ThatÕs why Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye Treat is here to save the day. This package comes with everything you need to slay the lice that are plaguing your life, giving your hair story the happy ending it truly deserves. The pack includes a wide variety of tools so you can get rid of a lice problem in just a few simple steps. First, youÕll use the Lice Good-Bye mousse to massage the unwanted guests away from your hair and scalp. The nit-free comb allows you to remove the pests and their eggs from your hair more efficiently and easily than with a normal comb, and the easy-grip sectioning clip makes dealing with long locks a breeze. Finally, the Rosemary Repel conditioner discourages lice from taking up residence in your locks again anytime soon. The formula itself is pesticide-free. The natural formula is safe for repeated use on hair so you can be sure to get rid of your problem even if it takes multiple washes.