Glo Skin Beauty Conditioning Hydration Cream 2 Oz


You may not be able to reverse the aging process, but you can put years of life back into your face. Glo Skin Beauty Conditioning Hydration Cream uses vitamins and antioxidants to refresh and rehydrate your skin. Perfect for those with dry or combination skin, this cream is paraben free but contains a variety of vitamins known for helping your complexion. Vitamins A and B3 work together to eliminate the lines and wrinkles that make your skin appear older. Meanwhile, Vitamin E blocks free radicals that can damage cells and lead to an aging look. The vitamin also keeps various pollutants away from the skin. The antioxidants additionally keep your skin looking young and healthy by keeping your face moisturized but not too oily. They also eliminate any discoloration and even produce new skin cells. Glo Skin Beauty recommends using this cream up to twice daily as part of your skin care regimen. Just apply after your cleanser and toner and watch your skin get smoother and stronger.