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GrandeLash Enhancer System Gift Set


Safely augment your natural eye look with the GrandeLash Enhancer System Gift Set. This vegan, clinically tested boxed set includes a three-month supply of GrandeLASH-MD, a GrandeLINER and a GrandeMASCARA. Achieve a longer, lusher and more dramatic lash line in as little as six weeks with GrandeLASH, an award-winning serum infused with amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and peptides. Define lids and boost lashes with one smooth, long lasting and smudge resistant stroke of GrandeLINER. Complete your look with GrandeMASCARA, a volume rich, clump free and waterproof formula that leaves eyes beautifully wide and boldly fringed. Improve the health, appearance, strength and condition of your lashes with this revolutionary trio.