Image Clear Cell Clarifying Masque 2 Oz



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An excellent anti aging mask will take years off of your face and eliminate many of the telltale signs of getting older. Fortunately, the Image Clear Cell Clarifying Masque consists of a special blend of antioxidants that fight off the effects of aging as well as combat the signs of acne. This masque contains a blend of alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid to eliminate excess oil and any impurities found in your skin. It soothes any irritants while reducing any acne-related red lesions. After a few applications, your skin will feel fresher and oil-free. You only need to use the Image Clear Cell Clarifying Masque twice a week to start seeing results. It will not leave your skin as dry as other acne-fighting products. Other skin care products for women may not be able to handle certain types of impurities. This is one masque people of any age can benefit from. It is also free of any parabens.