IMAGE Skincare Clear Cell Restoring SerumOil Free 1 Oz



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Are you troubled by frequent breakouts? If nothing else will make the issue go away, try IMAGE CLEAR CELL restoring serum oil-free. This serum gives your skin a boost of moisture while causing a soothing effect. Plant-based ingredients, such as gentle aloe leaf and spearmint, work against inflammation, so you can avoid the routine sensitivity of breakouts. The product’s main powerhouse is vitamin B6, which reduces shine and pore size. This effect joins forces with moisturizers to improve skin texture and treat dryness, making your skin more elastic and restoring your natural tone. If you find that traditional acne products aggravate or dry out your skin, try turning to this restorative option for effective relief. The serum uses peptides, which attack the bacteria itself without causing irritation, so you won’t have to worry about these common symptoms. Like all IMAGE products, CLEAR CELL restoring serum oil-free features powerful botanical ingredients and is designed to give you confidence in your improved, healthy skin.