jane iredale Magic Mitt 0.28 Oz


If you’re in search of easy-to-use facial skincare products, the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt is just what you’re looking for. Using nothing more than water and cloth made of knitted micro-fiber, you can remove any makeup in a matter of moments. Certain cloths can exfoliate the skin in excess, but the Magic Mitt is made of fibers fine enough to leave the acid mantle intact. This lets you remove all makeup, from blush to mascara, without tearing down an important barrier that protects your skin and pores from bacteria. The cloth is perfectly designed to break down bonding oils while still providing a gentle exfoliation. With warm water and the micro-fiber technology, makeup detaches from the skin and gets wiped away by the cloth. No chemicals or aggressive scrubbing, leaving your skin healthy, vibrant and clean. The complex technology behind the Magic Mitt is what makes it so easy to use. To give your face a proper cleaning and promote the health of your skin, this is the only product you need.