Kardashian Beauty Pure Glitz Hair Spray 12 Oz


Your hair should make you feel glamorous! With Kardashian Beauty Pure Glitz Hair Spray, you get the supreme hold of a quality hairspray along with a touch of glitz and glam. This hairspray will lift your hair from the roots and add texture and volume to any hair type. Infused with black seed oil, your locks will feel moisturized and full. No matter how you style your hair, it will hold it without becoming crinkly or hard. While it offers a sleek shine, this spray comes enhanced with sparkles to add even more shimmer. This is the perfect night out hairspray. Not only can you wear it to events or parties, but you can add a little extra shine to your dinner date. If you'd rather use it only to boost your roots, simply section or tease your hair, spray towards the roots and massage into your hair. When it comes to Kardashian hair spray, you'll feel luxurious all night.