Kardashian BeautyTwirl Me Cream Gel 5 Oz - 2 Pack


Becoming the fashionista you were born to be is easy when you have a bottle of Kardashian Beauty Twirl Me Cream Gel on your side. This hair care product us used for separating and defining even the smallest and daintiest of curls so you can get that star-worthy look youÕve been striving for in no time at all. The main purpose of this product is, of course, to define your curls and make them look their absolute best throughout your entire day. However, the nourishing formula also manages to smooth your hair, taming frizz, flyaways and split ends while still managing to achieve its initial goal. The versatile performance relies greatly on the presence of black seed oil in the formula, a natural component which is proven to nourish hair from the roots down, and keeps your curls soft and pliable. This piece of the formula is what helps ensure you have smooth, shiny, camera-ready curls at an instantÕs notice.