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Kerastase Homme Capital Force Ultra-fixing Gel 6.76 Oz



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Keratase Homme Gel Ultra-Fixing Densifying Gel is among the best mens hair pomade, creating sexy, natural results every time. This modelling paste is lightweight and won’t weigh your locks down yet will hold its shape against the elements. Although it is long-lasting, it is easy to remove, washing out with a simple shampoo without leaving your hair feeling sticky or leaving behind any annoying residue. To use, simply apply the desired amount to your hands and work through your locks, shaping it into any style you like. Whether you’re just trying to add a little shape and volume or creating a tousled, easy-going look, this mens hair paste delivers excellent results each time. This paste is made without alcohol or oils and has a robust scent that is pleasantly masculine. It is designed specifically for male hair, giving your locks advanced protection to help assist in strengthening and healthy hair growth, fighting against some of the common causes of hair thinning.