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Kerastase Ker Chronologiste Creme 200ml



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Keratstase Chrologiste crème is one of the best deep conditioning hair treatments for dry and irritated hair and scalp. Renew hair to its more youthful, untouched and undamaged days and strengthen hair fiber to prevent further damage. This hair mask contains a multitude of active ingredients for hair and scalp renewal in high concentration for maximum effect. Vitamin A and Vitamin E-infused ingredients deliver the ultimate anti-oxidant protection, softening hair and giving it that natural glow. A trio of ceramides strengthens hair starting at the follicle, lending regenerative properties for texture and volume that withstands both natural and unnatural hair-damaging elements. Abyssine is included for scalp regenerating properties that leave scalp and hair feeling refreshed and boosts hair fibers at the source. Cationic derivatives lend a lightweight quality and unparalleled softness for easy detangling and hair that begs to be touched. Refresh and rejuvenate your hair and scalp for long-lasting strength, softness, and shine with Kerastase Chronologiste Crème.