Kerastase Specifique Masquargil Deep Clarifying Clay Mask (Scalp and Hair) 20x10ml/0.34Oz



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Your scalp and hair absorb a lot of pollutants throughout each day, and it’s important to opt for a thorough detoxification from time to time. Kerastase Specifique Maquargil is a clay mask that provides the deep cleansing your scalp and hair need to stay healthy and pure. This special treatment purifies your hair and scalp by removing the sweat, oils and other polluting particles that build up over time. With a cooling menthol touch, this mask not only cleans but also stimulates your scalp, regenerating its metabolism for a refreshing sensation and relaxing experience. Unplug and unwind as you utilize this treatment to unclog pores and detoxify your scalp and hair inside and out. Shampoos and conditioners are ideal for daily hair care, but only the deep, cleansing power of a mask can deliver that complete detoxification your hair and scalp need on occasion. This treatment will leave your hair softer and lighter, not to mention completely cleansed and refreshed.