Kerastase Specifique Masque Hydra 6.8 fl Oz



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The Oprah Magazine Fall 2017 winner of the Beauty O-Ward for best product for frizzy hair, the Kerastase Specifique Masque Hydra is a deep conditioning hair mask for all hair types. The Masque Hydra is silicone free and made without harsh chemicals that tend to dry hair out in an effort for the desired effect. This hair mask provides the anti-frizz effect naturally, providing both moisture for hair follicles as well as soothing discomfort of the scalp. Vitamin E-infused ingredients work to protect hair proteins and eliminates free radicals to leave hair feeling softer and lighter. Morinaga gently cleanses the scalp of all pollutants and other harmful irritants for a cleanliness you can see and feel. L-Carnosine restricts the creasing of dermal proteins, elastin, and collagen fibers for supple, texturized hair that is stronger and more resistant to damage. Whether you suffer from element or product-damaged, color-treated, or even just naturally frizzier hair, this is the hair mask for you.