Keratin Complex - Clarifying Shampoo 12 Oz



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Keratin Complex - Clarifying Shampoo readies your hair for a keratin smoothing treatment. You can use this shampoo daily, as it performs deep cleaning all the way to your hair's cuticle. If your hair has any impurities or residue, this shampoo is sure to get rid of it. The high pH level helps your cuticles open so that your hair can absorb a smoothing treatment. This type of keratin shampoo is best for dry or damaged hair. If your hair undergoes a lot of stress from blow dryers, hair dye or other chemical processes, then you need a shampoo that will protect it against further stress. No one likes dry or damaged hair. Unfortunately, most styling techniques have the potential to cause harm. You don't have to give up styling, however. All you need is a strong, keratin-based shampoo. While this hair product will no doubt make you feel cleaner, it will also help reduce the damage done to your hair.