Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Daily Boost 3.4 fl Oz



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Lift your roots for a boost of volume with Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Daily Boost. Formulated to soothe your irritated scalp, this spray will give you extra volume without leaving your hair crunchy and stiff. Moisturize your hair to improve its health with this lightweight product. You’ll have texturized and shiny locks with a few simple sprays. Made of tea tree oil, this spray is great for sensitive scalps. This product is perfect for fine hair, giving it a boost of volume right at the roots. Panthenol adds volume while protecting more fragile strands. Simply spray close to the scalp when your hair is still damp, then style according to your normal routine. The precision sprayer ensures you hit the exact strands, so you can target the area you want to volumize. Aim at your roots for an all-over lift or pick smaller areas that just don’t have the volume you’re looking for. In no time, you’ll have long-lasting bounce and body.