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Paul Mitchell Marula Oil Rare Oil Replenishing Shampoo 7.5 fl Oz


If you’re searching for a nourishing and strengthening shampoo that you can always rely on, then be sure to try out Paul Mitchell Rare Oil Replenishing Shampoo. With instant hydration and purification of build-up and dirt, there is no better product on the market for keeping your hair clean, healthy and beautiful. This shampoo is packed with oleic acids, marula oil and antioxidants, giving you the protection you need while replenishing your hair with nutrients and moisture. As a color-safe shampoo, you don’t have to worry about your intended shade being altered with its use. Expect silky softness and a beautiful set of hair full of body after you continually apply this product. Paul Mitchell is a manufacturer of a whole collection of high quality hair products and has been a favorite among beauty and hair junkies since 1980 when it was first founded. Continued use of this special shampoo will provide you with gorgeous rejuvenated locks of hair. Experience your hair at a new tier of elegance with this excellent hair product.